Should I keep doing the pursuing, or leave it up to him?

Okay so basically, this guy I was hooking up with last year started to mean more to me, but since I was a freshman in college, I wasn't sure if I was ready for a relationship. I still needed to figure out who I was and I wasn't sure if he was interested in me that way, although he was definitely not a total douche. Fast forward to the summer, I kept thinking about him. I felt so bad about the way I ended things (aka, I didn't, I just ignored his text one day after he took me on a date after I admitted to being confused about what I wanted). We never talked after that date, but he answered my text over the summer and accepted my apology.

Now this year, I'm finding myself really attracted to him. Like for sure, I would like to date him. We were acquaintances and I made the move to text him. We have texted regularly and I spent the night with him. He has to know I'm interested. It's been two days though (I was started our last two conversations) and I haven't heard from him. I can't stop thinking about him and I'm nervous he doesn't trust that I'm interested. My friend thinks he'll text me come the weekend, which I wouldn't mind all that much, but I have no idea if he wants a relationship at all compared to hooking up, let alone with me. I have a huge crush on him, but I don't want to be clingy, especially this early on. We've only been in close contact for a little over a week... so is it okay for me to not text him first again? Should I just wait and see if he makes a move, and if not, stop pursuing him? He has begun conversations with me twice, and I started us out / started the most recent convos we have had.

Sorry that was so long! Should I text him again, or will he text me on his own if he's actually interested? My only concern is that because I ditched him in the past, what if he expects me to do the pursuing?

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  • You did the wrong here, you need to make things right. The thing girls don't get is every guy has an ego some have way bigger egos than others, this guy seems like he's in group two which means he's not going to chase you around because he is a little hurt by what happened before so because of that if you want something with him you have to go after him don't expect him to put all the effort in again.


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  • You snuffed him and now he's overly cautious or worse, he's moved on. You put yourself in a position where you have to take charge so that your intentions are clear. No clearer way of doing that than beating him over the head with sexual innuendos.

  • "Spent the night with him..." explain... huge crush on him", explain. Plus, you "made the move to text him", why?


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  • You've done your job. You've shown him how you feel. Now its his turn.