How do I tell him I don't want anything serious?

I have been seeing this guy for about a month, we've gone on quite a few dates, and he is a great guy but I am not looking for a relationship. I'm not sure if he has feelings, but I'd rather tell him sooner than later. How do I tell him this in a way that he will understand and respect?


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  • Are you sure you're not looking for a relationship or do you just not have any feelings/interest in him? I've dealt with a couple of girls who all told me that they just weren't ready, but it turned out to be bullshit.

    If you really are just not looking for a relationship at the moment but DO like him, then just tell him that. If he likes you, then he will probably wait. If you actually don't like him, then be straight up with him.

    • I don't like him in a romantic way, and I am definitely not looking for a relationship at the moment. That is a good point though


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  • You obviously just tell him you don't want a serious relationship.

  • "How do I tell him I don't want anything serious?" Instead of trying to tell him what you don't want. Tell him what you want. I feel that approaching the scenario by telling him what you don't want leads to confusion and open-ends.

    • That's true. It would probably be easier to do that. Thanks!

    • Glad to help. Let me know how it plays out. :)

  • The odds are he doesn't either, so I wouldn't worry too much, lol.


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