Should I mention my concern to my best friend?

One of my best friend is trying to find a boyfriend and is using dating sites. I know that its modern day to use dating sites to look for others, but my issue is that I'm worried that she will run into the wrong guy and get hurt badly. She never had any boyfriend before and is getting tried of waiting for one to approach her for dating. Am I being too worrisome?


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  • nope , not at all , i had the same kind of concern , but she wasn't that close so i couldn't like convince her so much , now she is dating a guy through a website , and it seems like a plain relationship , but i can't judge her relationship since i don't know what is going in all the time , but one thing i saw through all my friends on-line relationship , that it doesn't last long , at least not the ones i know , if you think your best friend is not in the right direction , tell her and even try harder because she is your best friend

  • share your concerns.