Should I pursue a girl's number if she likes me and is also seeing someone else?

Currently, there is this girl that I like from university and I've known her for about two semesters. Today I confidently told her that I like her and she reacted pleasantly (smiling at me, was behaving normally), however she told me she is currently seeing someone... I was just relieved to let my feelings out and didn't take that as a harsh blow, but I am regretting not asking her out the semester before. To me, she is a keeper and I want her badly, although I am still able to move on if I need to. My question is: should I ask for her number and play the waiting game until she stops seeing this other person, or should I just let it go and move on? I really, really like her and sometimes at night I would dream of us going on dates and having fun... Just a FYI, I have absolutely never ever felt this way before about any girl, no matter how attractive the girl is... Am I obsessive? lol


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  • Seriously? Move on. You're wasting your time.


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  • dont waste your time waiting on her