How do I get out of the friend zone?

I have the most basic question that many people ask. But my situation is kinda odd. My friend left her boyfriend and he became my best friend and I think he's literally perfect for me I just am clue less of how to and if we ever will be more like I would love


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  • If you really want him just start flirting he is your friend so hug him more maybe a kiss in the chick play with your hair make eye contact a little bite of your lip and if you want him to be friends just act as always


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  • Hello I was in your situation before aswell, if your friendship is good as best friend and you don't want to lose a friend like him than I think you should leave it how it is, however if you believe that he is the right guy for him you should tell him how you feel about him. Also do you think he is worth losing a friend for, don't you think your friend is important before anything you should ask your friend what she thinks