Confused about a post a girl posted on fb?

Girl i have been dating for a month posted a thing on Facebook and she said " time and time again I've given effort in being in a serious relatinship, it's not me its people choosing to be incompetent of knowing a good thing while its in front of them, I won't ever stop trying, I'll find someone who worships the way Kanye worships kanye." she text me this afternoon asking how I was and I responded and asked how her day was and then sent her another text telling her the things I'm good at because she asked last week. Maybe Im overthinking it... Sent her a text on fb to her and she replied and said I got your text I'll text you later I'm busy. Last week I talked to her about her thought about being serious and she said not yet I wanted us to get to know each other more, so today I got a few emails on pof from girls so I responded. I don't know like I said, over thinking it? Thoughts?


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  • Sounds like she meant for the post to be funny.

  • just ask her about it.


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