Does she like me and why did she behave like this?

I’ve been talking to this girl for just over 1 year now. We have always been kind of close and we talk almost everyday.

It’s a long distance relationship so I weren’t able to be there with her on Valentine’s day.
However, I did send her some flowers and a message in the bottle to her.
She was very happy and even posted pictures of her with my flowers on her Instagram and commented “All love <3".

She’s going away for a few days so we won’t be able to talk like usual until she comes back.
I was busy yesterday so I couldn’t talk to her earlier.
When I came online, she said she had to go because it was time for her to catch the train.

Her: Hi))
Me: Hi
Her: I have to go.
Me: Ok
Her: I thought you would be here earlier.
Her: not ok!
Me: Why not ok?
Her: coz you just came online and I have to go
Her: how are you/
Me: I’m good.
Her: I am sad now (
Me: why?
Her: coz you just got here and I have to go
Me: well at least I get to say goodbye
Her: bye bye
Me: ok don’t miss the train.
Her: yeah
Her: bye bye

The problem is, she told me we can only be friends 6 months ago and can’t be more. But she seemed to have changed her tone on this issue.
On her Facebook (she does not know I read her FB), people asked her if she likes anyone.
She just told them she has no bf but likes me and is interested.
We did fight just over a week ago, straight after our fight she told her friends ‘she cannot decide’ but now all is good it’s back to “I like him”.


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  • She likes you, but there is probably an issue that makes her unsure whether she should engage in a relationship with you. What does she know about you that would make her hesitant?


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