So I've meet this girl but found out she has a drug problem and now not sure what to do?

seen this girl around at local bars on several occasions and though she was really attractive as she's young and blonde and has the look like she'd be type of girl who was a lot of fun. she's noticed me as we go to a lot of the same places and has seemed interested. we don't know each other very well but I sort of know some of her gf's and was able to find them on Twitter and also found this girls page but saw some things that sort of caused me some concern , there was a lot of drug references on her page to marijuana but since she's somewhat of a party girl I doubt that's all she's tried , she definity appeared to be really into the party scene and pot.

I like to go out and go to bars for something to do but not at all into drugs of any kind , its just not my think and never been into smoking cigarettes or drugs.

but I'm torn cause she still seems like a nice girl and has on her page that she wants to find a new job and go back to college so she still has goals and wants to do something better with her life. so I don't know if I should bother trying to add her or what to do now? she's also single and I get the feeling she wants to find someone I'm just not sure she's the kind of girl you date though.


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  • People with an an addiction will mostly end giving priority to their addiction aove other things or persons.
    I wouldn't try a relationship.

    • adit: *above

    • I think her issue is more with partying than drugs as I've seen her at bar a lot. I find girls like this can be easy to meet as there always at bar and social people but then things get weird down the road or they just aren't datable. but she still seems nice and fun girl to hang out with.

    • B& D thus. Why not? Be prudent.


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  • You seem too square to really vibe with her. She sounds like she has her shit together and likes to turn up. You don't know much about her to judge her but if she isn't compatible with you and you are against drugs then don't bother

  • You sound incredibly judgmental. You should probably stay away, I think she deserves someone who wouldn't think himself above her. She can do much better.

    • I wasn't saying I was better than her , I'm older than her and maybe I'm just past that phase she's still in of going out every weekend and partying. but then I still go to bar so not sure that's the issue or not. she just strikes me as someone who could do better for herself than smoke dope , she's pretty good looking and could meet a lot of other guys or find a better job if she put herself out there

    • Just because she smokes a little weed and parties every weekend, doesn't mean she can't also be doing well at school, or work, jeez. Not all drug use, is drug abuse. It's not your place to 'improve' her as a person. You gotta let her find her own way. She might not even be into you.

    • I don't know a lot of what she's like outside of the bar , I have a tough time getting a feel for her. she's definity interested , I've seen her and her gf's at bar a bunch of times , they always notice me and I've checked her out a few times and she liked the attention , have seen her with other guys but it didn't look too serious , during the summer she's wear this revealing top that showed her belly and she didn't seem to mind that I noticed.

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  • Run away!! Far away. Be judgmental and save yourself from the drama and heart ache she will eventually cause. People with addictions are extremely selfish, don't get dragged down to fight her demons. Enjoy her as an acquaintance but that should be it.

  • try to know more from her and also try out her mind, maybe she only want be part of the party society girls and only need a friend to help her out of this kind of thinking