Why is he always too busy to hang out with me?

My current beau, is always busy. OK, I'm NOT one of those naggy-naggy-have-to-see-him-every-hour-of-every-day kind of girls. I'm chill and I HATE nagging. But this is getting a little ridiculous- I haven't seen him in a week and we live really close to each other! Over the summer we usually hung out three or four nights a week. And since he started this new job (so proud of him) we only hang out on the weekends, if at all. I realize he genuinely has a busy schedule now, but he seems to find time to hang out with his friends. Do I have a right to be frustrated?


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  • To a certain extent, yes.This guy shouldn't make it a priority to spend time with you. You guys are just getting started in the world, like myself. He has a new job, which requires more comittment than a relationship at this moment.This guy is hanging out with his friends because work can be stressful, hanging out with someone your comfortable with will help reduce his stress. Which is why I think you have a right to want him around and be frustrated that he is not- He should be comfortable coming to you.You guys seem like you've been together about a half-a-year, which isn't that bad. I do not think he should spend 4 nights a week hanging out with you, that will butcher your relationship. I could see maybe 2 or 3 nights a week maximum. Usually split up, so you both have time to breathe.If I can clear something else up, let me know!ArtistBBoy

    • My pleasure ^_^ if I can do anything else, please write me a message and ill get back to you asap =)

    • Thank you. you've been a lot of help : )

    • Lol- well it seems with that much time that he has a better grip on maturity. I like his sense of humor as I've read here "I planned it like that"... haha too funnyI would give him some time to relax with his friends and try to incorporate yourself with coming with him- i.e. going to the bar with them (if your 21) ... going to the movies with them... But also try to get some alone time, usually 1 or 2 nights a week is what I like... Do what fits your own personality ^_^

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