Am I too boring? Is my personality dull? Is there something I'm lacking?

Ok I'm about to be completely honest because I'm confused and need a little bit of advice lol. I'm 19 years old and single. I've never been in a relationship, never had a boyfriend. I'm used to talking to a guy that I like and dating them but the whole thing never actually going somewhere. It's like the guy I talk to eventually loses interest in me and the whole thing never goes anywhere. For example, I've talked to this guy and dated him for like 2 months. He was a really good guy. He called and texted me everyday practically, he used to always call me little mushy pet names like "bae" "baby" and "babe" lol. When we hung out we had fun and made each other laugh a lot. He just seemed to really like me, he even planned to take me home to meet his mother. But then he met this other girl he seemed to like wayyy more than me, and everything just went downhill. He stopped calling and texting. It's kinda frustrating because people tell me that I'm a pretty girl who's smart, sweet and has a good personality. I know that looks aren't everything when it comes to dating and personality plays a big part. That's why I've been wondering if it's the way that I carry myself, the way that I act, or if I'm not doing something right. :/ could it be me? Or is it just the guys that I date?


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  • Most guys at your age are sneaky to say the least. You met a sneaky guy. I think he was testing you to see how seductive you would be in text. When nothing showed for him that he could basically "nail" you in the ass. So he's let go. Consider it a blessing


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  • yes because you don't know how to separate paragrphs :-PPPP

  • "I've never been in a relationship, never had a boyfriend" BRING DAT ASS HERE #moment (-_^#)

    Ain't no telling since I don't know you IRL, but it's either you or maybe those guys saw something that made them think "Yeah she'd be better as a friend" etc

  • You're cute and smart, you sound like my type. You just haven't found the right guy.


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