Did he just reject me? What now?

So we were texting back and forth and joking about. I suggested we maybe get together next weekend and watch a movie. He replied saying he was sorry but he had to study. About 10 minutes later he sent another text saying he had a test. He didn't suggest an alternative or anything. I just told him it was fine and to forget I'd said it and made s comment about something different (which he replied to). That was clearly him rejecting me, right? I know he actually does have a test but if he like me wouldn't he have suggested another weekend or something? What should my next move be? I mean he text me twice after rejecting me - only to comment on other things. I kinda want to make it clear that I understood he was rejecting me and that he should really stop leading me on now.


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  • He prioritised studying for his test over watching a move with you. Take it as rejection if you want. I wouldn't go about making it clear that he rejected to because you might end up damaging the friendship. If you can, leave it be and just continue to text. You will know he has definitely rejected you if he doesn't respond and if he doesn't want to hang out any weekend.

  • Yeah he rejected seeing you on the weekend that you asked about. Don't make a big deal and just wait a week then ask to catch up another time.