Whats the best way to approach a girl and open up the convo out in a public event?

whats the best way to approach a girl and open up the convo out in a public event?


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  • Introduce yourself first of course. Then ask her a general question right away such as "So what brought you here?" (or you might want to ask her name first). This way, she has something to respond with. If you just make a statement to her, especially if she is a shy girl, she will not know what to say back and there will be no conversation but instead an awkward pause, and then it's done. However, if you ask her a question right off the bat, she will know what to respond with. plus she will feel 'important' because asking her a question shows that you are interested in her existence and not just showing her yours.


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  • Talk about the public event! :)

    • well i mean like out say at the mall or something...

    • Talk about the public event and then ask what kind of shopping are you going to do today. If she seems to respond very well and is nice, ask her if she wants to get some coffee with you (in the mall)

  • Walk up, be confident, say hi, and ask how she is. It's pretty simple.

    • haha well i am confident i talk to girls all the time i just need other ways to start the convo...

    • Well just observe her (like if she is holding a bag ask what she bought or if you see her out and about ask what she was doing) something like that

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  • Ask her opinion about it. Tell her what you like.