Dating this guy, updated profiles, don't know what to think?

so i've been dating this guy since November. over the past few months, he's pulled back a bit. i know he's had bad relationships in the past. lately, i've let him contact me because before, in my attempts to reach out he would pull back further. the last time we saw each other was about two weeks ago and i haven't heard from him since then.

i decided to start talking to other guys and today i updated my profile picture on the dating app we met on. later, i checked and i noticed that he updated his 'about me' to say "i officially suck at girls" with a paragraph following with what he's good at etc.

what gives? he is so weird. any insight is helpful, thanks.


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  • i think he took a blow to his ego


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  • Sounds like he ghosted for sure and is back actively searching. Don't even waste your time wondering, sounds like you dodged a bullet. After several months of seeing each other, to ghost was a cowardly move. What a jerk.

  • Sorry but, maybe he has no interest anymore?