Nervous to ask shy guy to hang out?

I;m about 90% this shy guy likes me, he came by my place for the first time a few days ago to drop some things off that i'd forgotten in his car and he ended up staying for an hour and we talked. I think he wanted to kiss me as he was fidgety, and started to sit closer to me. Our knees were touching, but we just continued talking and then we hugged before he left. I said that we should hang out and told him to text me as he's more busy than i am.

It's only been two days, but i want to text him to hang out.. but im so nervous. Should i just wait or do it? i think he likes me haha


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  • Oh don't worry about waiting for him, you want him text him ;)

    • Hahaha, thanks. We're both shy, and have no experience with dating or whatever. Like i get so shy/nervous around him, and he gets bold sometimes but he tends to just hold back. So it's like we're half way, but one of us just needs to take one more step. I don't know what to do.. like obviously text him but im so nervous to. Like i actually just want to hang out with him, but i feel like bc there's tension we're just gonna end up making out or something since we've kissed before.

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    • Haha, okay. I mean it's been about 4-5 months of this weird like tension between us because we did make out at a party about a month after meeting each other and then it got weird. We only recently started talking a bit more a few weeks ago, so it's been pretty slow i guess compared to other people. And this is like decent progress haha, so a kiss is just like next level stuff or so it seems hahaha. But ill keep that advice in mind.

    • @asker good luck


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  • Do it. Definitely do it. Shy guys need your encouragement. If he backs away from a kiss pull him toward you and just go for it. (Shy guy here.)

    • Could you elaborate on the body language of someone that wants to kiss you? Also, does it seem like he likes me? He always offers to drive me home, lots of eye contact and smiling, will say hi to me, and we did kiss before at a party but that was a couple of months ago and we've never brought it up. Then he's texted me saaying that he's thought of me and then asked to hang out sometime. Then he came by, and stayed and talked. We still don't know each other too well, and we don't really text each other unless it's like a question or i guess now to see if we want to hang out? I can't tell if he's friendly or interested.. both have no experience in dating.

    • He's showing all the signs of interest. A kiss would be a harmless confirmation of your affection for him. If he wants to be more intimate with you he'll be facing you with an open posture. Legs angled away from you would be a hint that he's not ready.

    • Alright, guess i dont have to worry about him using me to just do stuff with haha. Thanks.

  • Text him. If he really is a shy guy chances are it'll take him awhile to build up the courage to ask you out. There also the chance that he might talk himself out of asking you out thinking you're out of his league. So if you really want to hang out with him I suggest calling him instead of waiting for him.

    • He's asked to hang out before once through text, but i wasn't in town. And then a week or two ago in person, as he asked to check out my residence building. Then he ended up coming by and dropped my things off and stayed. So it's like he is shy... but then he isn't. It's always a bit mixed. But i will text him to do something soon.

    • Good for you! Hope it goes well.

  • you are doomed but my gf would say to do something really specific


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  • Yes. Give him something specific. Say lets do such and such Friday night.