Guys opinion on being friend zoned?

I personally have never friend zoned anyone, I tend to make my intentions really clear from the beginning. But I have a lot of friends you are always friend zoning, what's your opinion of it?


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  • i have a take on the friend zone you might want to read it.

    tl;dr: friendzone is only if he confesses his feelings/asks you ut but you turn him down because you only want friendship.

    it´s pretty much the worst nightmare in my opinion. happend to me once and had to do it to a girl once.


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  • If I liked a woman romantically, but she only wanted to be friends and put me in the FZ, I would no longer want to associate with her. Basically I want her in a way that I can never have. It would just hurt all the time to pretend to be only friends with her while my heart is longing for more. I would never be happy and always sad that she doesn't feel anything more for me. It would also be worse to watch her date someone else while I play the sucker and just be lame friends with her. I have enough friends to hang out with. No desire in my life to be FZ'd. Being FZ'd completely sucks and should be totally avoided. I would rather move on to someone else. No offence.

  • I've been friend zoned by a women I've been talking to for 4-5 years hahaha we still talk and I don't really care that she friend zoned me ahaha we always have a laugh though (i'm not attached like I'd do anything for her) but we both joke about it ahah

  • I have mixed feelings about it. If I had a friend that liked me and told told me I'd tell her where I stood on the issue but if she doesn't say anything and I'm not looking at her like that hen technically I friend zoned her. Also so if she told me her feeling and I said no I wouldn't consider that friend zoning her.


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