Why doesn't he say he doesn't want to talk to me anymore?

A guys perspective would be useful. My ex is with another girl now, asked me to be friends, talked to me normally or like we were when we were together, gets me on webcam and tells me how amazing I look, then just when things are going well, blocks and ignores me. So unfortunately I do the wrong... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • he kept you as an online buddy as a back up/booty call/plan b but now that he's wit someone else, he blocked u. his ex could have said something to him about it and then he blocked u. or else you were just emailing and texting way too much and he just snapped and then blocked u-i don know. But this is not your problem. He is the one with the problem. why do you even want to be friends with an ex? Like what's the point? you're better off moving on because would you not get jealous seeing him with a new girl and wouldn't it be bit weird? Even if you don't want to move on, he's made that decision for u. you have to move on. he doesn't want to tlk to u. just delete all his contact details and text msgs etc.

    guys will NEVER give you closure-they just stop calling and that's what he's done. they don't want the confrontation so they chicken out of it. and then you never hear from them again. don't feel bad it happens to everyone at some point, this just didn't work out. but there's lots of other guys out there so get back out there again!=)