This guy was joking about dating me. Could he be into me?

So I went out to a group event with 20 people or so. There were some who I hadn't met before and others who I had seen before.

One guy, who I met yesterday at the event and who I started talking with at the end of the night, I started making jokes about dating me and said that he was good with mothers, telling me about one of his ex girlfriend's. He ended up buying me a drink at the end of the night also.

Why would a guy who you don't know joke about dating you? Or am I just looking to much into it?


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  • Uh... from the description, YOU were the one who started the jokes and he rolled with it.

    He's probably interested either way. People don't usually joke about that without SOME kind of realism to it.

    • Oops.. I meant to say he made jokes about dating me not the other way around lol.


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  • he might be into you. just is slightly insecure about asking you out and was trying to gauge your interest


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  • Maybe he was trying to get your attention