Why didn't he call the whole day? He was with my friends, but didn't thought about me!

I have known this guy more than 7 weeks and we've been good friends. Every1 says that he likes me but he have never told me directly. Yesterday, he was with my friends(they're his friends too), all of them were drunk and he admitted in front of them that he really likes me! does that mean he really likes me? (I wasn't there) And today, he hasn't send me a sms or called me..the whole day I've been waiting! I dun understand, was he so busy with other people that he couldn't text me or call me:S What's wrong with him! :(


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  • He does like you and is just waiting for the right time to tell you I assume.


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  • Hey, everyone has their own life. Even if you'd had a date last night the guy's supposed to wait a while before calling again. Give him some time and space.


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  • You're being clingy. You're not dating so he has no obligation to call you.