Why am I afraid to fall in love?

I haven't dated in a long time because I just don't want to fall in love. I am really busy right now and I don't have time for a relationship. But I get asked out because I am really pretty. However, I don't go out with them because I don't want a relationship at the moment. Is there something wrong with this?


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  • You can always make time for a relationship if you really wanted one. You're afraid of falling in love because of what happened to you in the past. You don't want to feel vulnerable and completely put trust in a man that could potentially betray and hurt you. You don't want to deal with the drama. You probably like your independence and your ability to just worry about yourself. You don't want have to worry about other women trying take your man away. You don't and are afraid of potential games.

    • Wow, you are right.

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    • Eventually, you're going to have to take that leap of faith. You have to believe that there is goodness in the average person; it's sad to see when beautiful people give up. It's similar to watching talented people walk away from what they are good at.

    • Thanks for your advice


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  • I'm scared to fall in love every sex is


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  • this doesn't sound like ur afraid. it sounds just u just dont have time or u dont want it enough.
    if u dont want it, that's fine. u dont have to force urself to fall in love just because u get asked out. when u want it, you will know and you'll be ready. the men of the world aren't gonna decrease. take your time and just wait till u feel u can take that step.

    • Ur scared to get hurt.. Meet heaps of woman with rough history's

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    • The problem for me is that I fall too easily for a guy. If he shows me kindness, I start to like him even more...
      And yes, I have been hurt in the past.

    • i see. well we're all like this hun. even guys. once we get hurt by love, we just become more afraid of it. if ur careful and allow your head to have a say when your heart is trying to yell out emotions at u, then u will b fine, trust me.