What should I do?

so recently I've been using okcupid.. i dont go out much so its hard to get a girlfriend (especially one that like anime).

so i was tlking to a girl about a week ago fairly good looking and some same interests. so after being rejected several times before or no replies by other girls, i decided skrew it ill just message this one anyway. we talked a bit she sounded interested and not interested i couldnt be sure. eventually i asked her if she wanted to go out the day before she said she will see. the next day she messaged me "i dont think i can go out today."

i just assumed this meant she's not interested so i didn't message back. a week later today i decided to message her to see if she was still interested or not. and what do you know she was pissed.. apparently she was actually sick that day and legitmately had to get surgery for her appendix or something and she thought i was just trying to make her a booty call. i tried to talk her down but I've never had any luck making a angry girl calm down especially not online what should i do?


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  • Tell her exactly how you interpreted her situation. online communication does not convey well.


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  • I would leave her alone personally.