What's more important personality or money?

I often let my financial situation get in the way of possible relationships. I'll think that I have nothing to offer a girl so why bother asking. I have only enough money for a couple dates a month is that enough? Or am I right in waiting for more money?


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  • For me personality is the most important thing. Plus if you find the right girl then she'll hopefully pay for the dates as well. that's what I'd do

    • I just feel like that's what women talk about a lot. And I wasn't sure if what they talk about and what they truly want is the same.

    • Sadly, most women your age have NO idea what they want. Be patient and stick to the qualities you want in a woman. She'll come along when you least expect it.

    • I can't speak for others but yea, I wouldn't allow the guy to pay all the time, I would pay too. I don't think it's fair for the guy to pay just because he is a guy, I mean come on it's the 21st century. If you're both in it then both pay. That's how I see it.

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  • Personality should be what matters anyways, if you guys click you can enjoy a simple ice cream date (10$) and talk for hours. ☺ you don't have to have a lot of money to have a GF and if it is a deal braker she isn't worth it anyways.


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  • Nobody's out of your league. Women who believe that they are, are simply not worth your time. They're gold-digging insects.

    Don't ever consider a woman to be out of your league. You're selling yourself short.

    • I will say for the sake of practicality, however, that if you can only afford a couple dates per month you're not in a good position to think about getting married or starting a family. You have to be practical about that, especially nowadays.

    • I wouldn't plan on marriage soon. That would be after I start my career.

  • As much as women deny it, it'll be the money for sure

    If you don't believe me, look at 50 shades of Grey

    If the guy wasn't a billionaire, it'd be Criminal Minds...

  • Personality for me for sure.