Does anyone else think I am doing too much work or it's fine?

I am on my 3rd date with this guy and I REALLY like him. It's raining hard tomorrow, we originally planned to go to the park and him coming to me but it just isn't gonna work out. So, I said that I'd rather just stay indoor with me coming to his place and cook us dinner. I love spending quality time with him anyway, but I also told him that since I am doing this, our next hang out should be him coming to me, and he totally agreed.


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  • No, I don't think you are doing too much work in the relationship.

    The reason is simple. You said you REALLY like him. If that is how you really feel, then there is no such thing. When the romance starts to chafe because of it, then ask him to do a little more.


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  • You going to his place and cooking him dinner? Seems a bit odd like he should be the one cooking for you maybe?

    • He cooked for me 2 days ago on our 2nd date

    • Well that's okay I guess. Nothing wrong in my eyes.

  • Best advice I think would be... Have a good time!

    • What do you mean, I would be?

    • No. I mean continue with your plans, and have a good time. Not doing too much at all.

  • I don't see the whole problem here.

    • Really?

    • From the other comments on here and your replies to them it just seems like you just don't want to do it or are lazy about it. You don't HAVE to if you're feeling like you're obligated, there's no fun in that

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  • That sounds good to me :) Not too much work. If he was happy about it then it's all that matters! <3

    Good luck and have fun ;)

    • Do you really think so? I feel like I'm doing the work with me going over there and cooking dinner.

      But at same time, he cooked for me on our last date. So I guess it's fair? But still ugh

    • It does sound fair to me and I wouldn't be surprised if he joins in and helps you anyway!

  • I think that sounds fine, I don't really see a problem there