What are the chances I die unloved for something that is not my fault?

Aka The wheelchair I am not doing this life another 20 years


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  • Your really good looking. Do not let your disability hurt your self confidence! Honestly If I was not getting over some serious heartbreak, I would want to meet you :)


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  • I know a few couples where one of them is in a wheelchair. I am sure you will find someone to share your life with... is there anyone who you are interested in right now?

    • Not really don't have a lot of confidence in my self due to my dad leaving the family due to my disability

    • That was a rotten thing for him to do, but I am sure it was less about you and more about him needing a reason to leave. The more hobbies you develop and the more time you spend out developing them, the wider your circle for meeting people will get. I am sure there is someone out there for you!

  • I'm sure someone loves you but hasn't ever told you. There's someone on this planet for everyone. I used to ask myself the same question but then I realized that things come with time. Never settle for less because nothing amazing comes easily. So your chances are very slim. Love you.


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  • Not likely. Trust me, everyone is loved whether they know it or not, you're young, live your life, someone will show up

    • I agree, I know someone who has been in a wheel chair since she was like 10 for circumstances out of her control, and she persevered she learned to ride a horse, she went to college, and when she was there she. met an awesome guy and has been married for quite a while now, they have two adopted kids and are very happy, don't let this stop you, and there are some mean people out there, but there are plenty of good people also, she's out there and she cares about the person you are above all else, that's how every good relationship should be, don't give up:)