Do you think it's worth playing the dating game if you're interested in a serious relationship?

Dating game:
- wait 3 days before replying
- postpone dates (but counteroffer)
- don't say you like her first
- don't meet her more than once or twice a week

  • Yes, some games are worth playing - even if you're interested in a serious relationship
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  • No! If you're interested in a serious relationship, then be honest. Call her whenever you feel like it. It's more natural
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  • other [please elaborate]
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  • I don't know. I want to see the results.
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  • Maybe three days wasn't a lot in the past but now it's forever. If I don't hear from someone after 3 days I move on. I don't have time for games and I don't like playing them.

    The whole only meeting once or twice a week isn't horrible if your schedules are legitimately that busy. The whole postponing dates thing would be SO annoying. Who has time for that?


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  • I think honesty and communication are the best hand in hand tools to start a relationship. Afterwards time, trust and romance will fill up the rest. This will build up to the seriousness in the relationship.

    The whole 3 day thing i mean if you watxh a lot movies and tv shows and consider doing so go ahead its your decision bro do what best qualifies in yout situation.

    Hope it helps bro