Does sex get better, feel more pleasurable after the first time?

Just had sex for first time, and I was so nervous/anxious that it took my guy a while to get it in, and when he did, it tore my hymen and I bled, which made it hurt like hell, but once it was in, the way he positioned it was a sweet spot and it felt warm and generally good, but I didn't feel like fireworks or amazing pleasure, it was nicertainly though.

Does it get better? How much better? Am I doomed to just "feels nice but not great"?


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  • yeah it does like +8 better every time after the 5th


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  • The first time sucks for everyone.

    Word of advice? Have him give you plenty of oral beforehand. Makes it a lot better.

    The first time you went swimming sucked too. Felt like you were gonna drown. Now swimming is fun, and you look forward to it any chance you get. Sex is a lot like swimming.

  • My wife was a virgin when we started having sex. It took a good couple of months before it started to really feel good. It just takes time to work your body in. Like a new pair of shoes that have to break in. In time it will rock!


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