Should I dump him already... (Runescape Boyfriend)?

I've been with a guy for three years now since highschool. The first year he had a job went to school and everything was great! He would call me almost daily. Every once in awhile we would fight but get over it because of how much in love we are. As you know forgive and forget. He has a mean streak though, he can act like a baby one day and treat me like trash telling me he's too tired and doesn't want to see me, then the next day be all happy and adventurous. He's addicted to runescape, gambles money making thousands a week... by the way he has dropped out of school and hasn't worked in 2 years! Somehow i still deal with it because he makes okay money and we dont live with each other. Anyways, he won't stop lying, i know he is gambling because i see the messages to his friends about losing 800 mil or something. Meanwhile i go to school and want a future for us, but he doesn't have that vision. When we fight he tells me I've changed? Meanwhile he is sunk down to the bottom of all lows and i havnt changed i just won't deal with his crap anymore... i dont know what to do or what to say anymore but for some reason i can't give up on him i know he has a problem... :( He doesn't talk on the phone at all... EVER anymore with me, hardly responds to me on fb we hangout a couple times a week and he also didn't get me anythings for Valentine's day? im just lost... 3 years people...


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  • dump him. you literally just wrote every single reason why you should have done it a week ago.

  • He's not your bf