Who to go after?

There is a place I frequent, where there are two girls that I find attractive. One is me attractive (girl b) to me than the other (girl a). Well girl a remembered my name after the second time I went there. Girl b just knows I come there a lot and couldn't say when, whereas the other one knows when I'm there. I saw some other things that can be passed off as indicators of interest. Me I think she could just be friendly. Well I wanted to ask one out normally I would just ask the one I'm more attracted to out no problem. In my head in saying let's try going a different route and go after the girl who seems interested and is very beautiful as well. I don't want to seem like in acting of desperation and also don't want to mess things up just in case she is being nice.


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  • Just ask her out. Can just make it casual and go for lunch or something if you're scared.


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