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So I went over to this guy I'm seeing's house last night. About half way there I began to feel my stomach rumble a little bit, my stomach was clearly pissed! I thought it was probably from something I ate and I wanted to still hang out and see if it would go away. When I got there I told him what was going on so he wasn't surprised if I had to leave. We cuddled up on the couch and watched a movie, when the movie was over I sat up and I felt so sick... I was pale, felt nauseated and you could clearly tell I was miserable. He asked if I was okay and got me some of this medication I had with me and we went to lay down for the night. We both fell asleep and all of a sudden I woke up sick, I threw up... I made it to the garbage and didn't even get my hair and afterwards I felt SO much better however I felt horrible :( that's pretty gross. He rubbed my back, cleaned up after me and did cuddle with me afterwards however I'm a little worried about what he might think..

Guy's what would you do in that situation?


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  • Awwww poor you, even if I had never met you before and it was a first date I would not be turned off at all.
    You are sick and it's part of being human, completley normal sweetie just apologise and move on it not a big deal at all trust me :)


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  • As many times as I cleaned up after drunk asshole friends of mine, cleaning up after woman I like for being sick no problem what so ever.

  • he was worried, wanted to take care of you

  • People get sick. you are probably fine, if he helped clean up your mess, he's been there done that. Relax. Often guys do the whole alcohol vomit clean up, repeat pattern. Sounds like he's good with it, if on the other hand he wouldn't touch it was retching himself and insisting you clean up your own mess, then you'd have something to worry about.


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