Do you believe that you should always have a backup plan?

I do not believe this, but in dating do you believe that if your main girl doesn't work out, that you should always have someone on back up to go to for comfort? I believe you should give your all to one person and only one person, but maybe in this day and age, it may be different?

I was told by a buddy of mine that its better to have a main girl, and then 4 other backups just in case. Is this a good strategy? I don't believe its fair to do that to someone else..

I've known a lot of people that use this strategy. I would never use anyone like this, but it seems like a lot of people do. Makes me feel like if you can't beat them, join them.
Any help?


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  • I don't think so. You're not being fair to yourself, the "main person", or the "others". Exactly like you said. What if you're trying to win the "main person" over and one of the "others" is head over heels for you? At that point, you're leading them on.

    Plus, how would the "main person" feel of they knew there were others in rotation, so to speak?

    • It doesn't seem to stop some people that i know. They seem to string along women all the time, and feel no guilt doing it. They'll have their girlfriend, and then a girl they can go to when all hell breaks lose with the girlfriend. I've also known girls that do this too. My ex gf for one, would be banging me, and then the same night after were done banging, tell another guy she loves him and to have a good night.

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  • Doing that is a sign of immaturity and insecurity. If a guy told you that then he is afraid of being alone and defines his self worth by his relationship status. I think he just had a bad experience with a girl and now thinks that all women are the same


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  • I have a backup for my backup to backup my backup. Preparation is a huge key to life. In a relationship planing for failure its a huge red flag that its already failed?

  • I totally think stringing along another girl or two is the way to go. After all, being an asshole or a jerk is a small price to pay for maximizing my chance for ass.

    Oh, wait... I got that backwards...