My friend and I almost got attacked while we were sitting in a parking lot.

So basically tonight my friend and I almost got attacked while we were sitting in a parking lot but I heard something and started to drive away only for my friend to see a guy chase after the car. I decided to text these guys cause I like wanted to feel protected but now I feel silly about it. Do y'all think that those boys were annoyed? Or do you guys like when girls text you about scary stuff cause I was literally shaking.

I had nothing to tell to 911 he didn't attack us
I understand that but we don't really know what he wanted and I didn't even see him it was my friend cause I was driving
I didn't want anyone to go to the scene. I just wanted to talk to them


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  • If you feel threatened in any way, you should call 911. Trained and experienced policemen are much more likely to deal well with a situation like this than young, untrained boys. Honestly, what did you expect the guys to do? Hotfoot it across town in their cars to rescue you, getting arrested for speeding on the way? Take on a potential attacker, who might be armed? Or worse, end up attacking the wrong person by accident?

    Seriously, if you want guys who think that your being scared is cute, invite them on a date to see a horror film. You can then scream, grab hold of them and hug them all you want, and they can play the big, comforting guy. When it comes to your actual, real life safety in a potentially dangerous situation, however, take preventative action and call people who actually know what they're doing.


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  • Meh, it seems like chit chat... I can't even picture what you're saying reading it on the computer screen, so it'd be even harder with a character limit.

    • What do you mean?

    • I don't know what he looks like when he's "almost attacking." It's all unclear.

      Your question was whether guys would like it if you texted them this stuff. I can't say I'd like it much one way or the other.

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  • He may still be prowling the area for other unsuspecting girls. Luckily you had a vehicle to escape in. What if these other girls don't. If you called 911 they would at least send a patrol car to canvas the area. By them doing that, it would scare the perp away and prevent anyone from being vicitimized.

  • erm...i kind of dun get your story...haha!

  • Next time it would be better to call 911