Is it bad that we haven't been on a date yet? Should we go out?

I've been dating this guy for a little over a year. He's awesome and I love him. We've both said I love you on our anniversary but the closest we've ever been physically is just a kiss on the cheek. We've never hugged, never held hands etc . I'm ok with that though because this is both of our first relationship. We've already met each other's parents also. The only thing that kind of bothers me is we've never been on a date. It is kind of difficult for us to go out, though. He lives in town to where he can basically walk to most stores in our town. I don't. I live in the country, which is a very long walk into my town. Neither of us have gotten our drivers license yet, so we'd need a ride from someone else. There aren't very many good spots in town for a date so we'd probably have to go somewhere outside of town for like a movie or something. Anyways I was just wondering-is it bad that we haven't really had a first date yet? Should we start to go out to places like the movies?


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  • You two are afraid, is what I'm thinking. Your two haven't been out on a date? But it's been a year? Not even been physical either? Now, here's a thing... I just saw, that your under 18. Being physical isn't what you should look for anyway. That means sex. That can come later. But hold hands, feel each other. Get comfortable with being intimate... kissing, holding hands, hugging.

    If your in a relationship, and feel like your close enough with him, then lead him into a kiss, or take the lead a little. Some guys are too shy, or as I am. I like to know if "she's" comfortable first. Communication is a good way to learn about how your feeling about each other too. Talk to him, let him know how your feeling too. That's the other things that come into building a healthy relationship.

    Lastly, if all of that works out, and seems true, then yeah go out to movies, hang out with each other as much as possible, because then you can both start to learn from each other. Talk on the phone too, rather then texting all the time. Build that communication, as I've said before. Because then it builds up trust. That's another great thing to build within your relationship, or "relationships", if you don't feel like he's the one... But that's another subject...

    Anyway, hope my advice helps :)


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  • I'd say you should go out, but not to the cinema as it can create tension with not talking during the whole date... I'd say a picnic or dinner or something along those lines


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  • Yeees you totally dhould guys!

    • In that case where should we go?

    • Cinemas a picknik hmmm to coffe olace to woulk in the country thingd oike that