Why do all the nice guys end up in the friendzone? what do we have to do to get out?

I tried getting to my crush but end up in the friendzone and her crush which is a jerk by the way ends up getting the girl? WTF?


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  • girls dont like jerks, they like qualities that jerks have... anyways your 14, girls are kinda shallow at that age (usually)


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  • Maybe she is just shallow. I know a lot of girls who would chose a "hot" guy with a huge ego over a sweet average looking guy. Not saying you are either but some girls are just looking for different things in a relationship.


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  • Part of being a strong and independent man means putting yourself first, and standing up to a woman when she mistreats you. "Nice guys" have been taught they have to act submissive, and put the woman first in order to avoid being an asshole. In other words the nice guys are coming across as weak. Women don't respect weak men, and women have a hard time remaining attracted to a man she can't respect.

    Most women want strong men that aren't afraid to speak their mind. Often when a guy does stand up to his girlfriend, she might complain to her "nice guy" friends about her boyfriend, but secretly she respects her boyfriend for standing up to her.

    So it isn't about being a bad boy, or a nice guy so much as being a strong man that respects himself, over a weak man that lets women take advantage over him.

    My advice would be as follows.

    1. Put yourself first, instead of putting her first.
    2. Don't be afraid to stand up to a woman that mistreats you.
    3. Treat her with the same respect you demand to be treated with. No better, and no worse.
    4. Don't make a woman your priority, while she sees you as an option.
    5. If you like a girl, then have the balls to ask her out right away, over trying to be friends first.
    6. If she just wants to be friends, don't remain loyal to her hoping she will change her mind. Just move on and start dating other girls.
    7. Remember women just like men will normally pick the partner they are most attracted to. If you want to be attractive then you need to put work into yourself. Being nice has nothing to do with being more attractive, so it isn't a way to woo someone. Just being nice will never make a girl wet.

  • Girls NEVER let guys out of the friendzone, unless under exceptional or miraculous circumstances. So instead of trying to get out of the friendzone, it is better to let go of that girl and seek someone else who doesn't friendzone you.

  • I'd start working out with a vengeance. You're at the perfect age to get started. Girls don't want to friendzone you when you're strong and looking good. It won't hurt your self confidence either.

  • East stop being friends with girls douche... No friend zone exists now does it