My friend and boyfriend seem to be fighting for my time?

I've recently got into a relationship with my boyfriend, and we normally hang out every Wednesday for a coffee, but even though we go to school together we don't see each other hardly ever. However, my best friend started to ask if I'd hang out with her on wednesdays, so I did, but I would spend half my time with my boyfriend and half with my best friend (she got a bit annoyed that I was hanging out with him every wednesday) - (she's never had a boyfriend and is always complaining that she hasn't). Recently though, my boyfriend has been asking to hang out more, and my best friend is getting annoyed with me and saying that I'm spending a lot of time with him, and now they're literally competing to hang out with me first, whenever I have free time - its getting really exhausting and I dont know what to do :(


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  • You need to work out a way to divide your time with them equally. If you see your friend at school then maybe you should consider alotting more time to your boyfriend. The mature thing would be to have a discussion with both of them there, so they can both voice their needs and realise the needs of the other person.

    Also if you're not sure that what you have with your boyfriend will last, then consider the fact that you'll want your best friend to be there for you if things do turn sour.


What Girls Said 1

  • Choose who is more important.