Should I ask him out again?

We've been texting constantly for 2 months and we had a great first date. It took a while to set up the first date as he's so busy. I asked him once and he said he'd let me know when he was free and then he asked me three times to meet him on Valentine's for our first date.

He's said a few times that he had fun and wants to do it again. But when I asked him to do something, he said that he was busy that weekend as he had an exam, and he does live an hour away. No mention of an alternative. He's still texting and stuff. We did have a good time and get on well so I don't know why he's not suggesting a time to meet.

Should I ask him to do something one more time to see where I stand or does that come off desperate?


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  • You could try asking him one last time.


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  • Yes, ask him out again. If he's busy again this time then say "OK, then how about you let me know next time you're free to go out again?" If he doesn't make a suggestion at a date after that, get over it, because he's not actually interested.