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He blows a kiss?

whenever I say goodbye he blows me a kiss.

is that flirting?

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  • Guys will not do this unless:

    1. he's gay.

    2. he likes you.

    • Hahahahaha I was going to say the sameeee thing. kudos!

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  • If you want it to be, it is.

    I mean generally you don't blow kisses to people you don't feel things for. I wouldn't blow to a kiss to my grandmother, for instance.

  • Sounds dorky, but yea its flirting

  • just putting my 2 cents in. I will blow a kiss to be playful if I know she is also playful, or its an inside joke, like if you blew kisses to him first. It is flirting but I myself flirt with any girl its in my nature, but I only flirt with girls I like so yeah its flirting but it may not be really serious.

    Ask yourself, do you see him doing this with other girls?

    Also, is this all he does or does he give you more attention then others?

  • Indeed it is flirting.

  • Absolutely

  • Duhhhh... You should go in for the real thing the next time he does it.

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