Are we moving too quickly?

I have known this girl about 3 months now (we're in our late 20s). We have been exclusively dating (bf/gf) for about a month. We practically have gone out 1/2 times a week in the entire time we've known each other. We've held hands, kissed, called each other pet names and recently she stayed over my place for the weekend (nothing happened). She has told her friends & family about me. We really like each other and love spending time with one another. Is it normal to be using "I love you" this early on? I mean it and I know she does too, I was just curious if it seems like we are moving too fast.


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  • Personally, there is absolutely no harm whatsoever if you wait to use the whole "I love you" schtick. It's only really been a month, so you're still in the infatuation stage.


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  • My bf told me that even sooner.. and it freaked me out a bit.


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