Tall for a Girl?

I am 5'7 at sixteen years old and I was wondering if that was tall for a girl of my age.I do realize that some grow faster than others but I feel like I'm taller than most girls sometimes.Though,not the tallest for there are girls much taller than me.


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  • Haha, it's okay to be the taller than most girls. ;] I was like that. Well actually, I was the tallest girl in high school at least in my grade. Even in elementary school, I suppose I was doomed to begin with. -_- But it's fine. Trust me. I was 5'7" when I was 16. I actually started to grow slower then. I'm still actually growing... *sigh. I'm at 5'9 1/2" now...

    I know this is going above and beyond in sharing, but in high school, I wouldn't date anyone unless they were taller than me, and that was something. But now in college, it doesn't bother me if they're the same height...

    Sorry for going off topic, but it truly is fine, that you're taller than most girls. Don't let height bring you down and slouch and what not. I went through that... As corny as it sounds, you have to be proud of yourself, which includes your height as well. ;]

    If I may ask, were you merely wondering or getting self conscious?


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  • That's around my height ;). I think God he made women so small and cute, we'll the majority of them anyway. If he didn't, we'll my life would be hell.


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  • No, that's a good normal height :) Whatever height you are is cool. I had one friend who is 5'6" and she always thought she was too tall (I'm 5'5"), but we have another friend who is 5'10" and she is gorgeous and played volleyball and now she's married to a guy who's like 6'...

    So yeah, your height is totally cool.

  • you're probably an early bloomer. let me guess, did you get your first period when you were like 13? because if you did, you're probably done growing. I didn't get mine until I was 15 so I was still growing up until quite recently so I didn't hit 5'7" till last year. don't worry, a bunch of girls will probably catch up with you in a year or so.