Why does my boyfriend seem hotter to me?

I've obviously always been attracted to my boyfriend, but lately I just keep thinking he's a lot hotter to me :) Why the heck is this? Lol. Have any of you ever felt this way before? Could it be that the more I get to know him, the more his good attributes reflect on the outside? It's really an interesting concept because lately I can't get him out of my mind :) Normally I'm not the type to spend every moment thinking about someone (not me at all)


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  • When you fall for someone, you litterally see them in a different light than other people do. This is why I don't mind dating women who are considered average because if I ever fall for he I'll see her as beautiful. It just means you really like him.

    • Yeah, I think you're right about that :) Thanks for answering my question & putting things in perspective for me! :)

    • You're welcome


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  • As you suspected, you're just getting to know him better and his personality is starting to reflect on how look at him, for example, you start dating a guy who you find fairly physically apealing and you find out he's also quite the intellectual individual and provided you're following the norm and see that as an attractive attribute you starts seeing that on the outside aswell, making him sexier to you based on what you know about him.


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  • Really? I mean that's good! I feel like they get uglier the longer you have been with them. :P

    • That's a good point, LOL. Any theories as to why I suddenly find him more attractive all of a sudden? Lol :) It's such a bizarre thing. We've been dating for about 8 months

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    • Spontaneity sounds like a good plan to keep things fresh, lol ;) Good thinking & wish me luck on my new ideas! :)

    • I sure will!

  • Nope. I like to think that physical attraction goes far deeper than just at the surface. That if the person is really great and the two of you click on a more emotional connection, the person becomes even more attractive than when you first met. The same goes if he/she is a horrible person. They look less good looking because the personality is coming through more.

    • Yeah, I think the more I get to know him, the more he's becoming attractive both physically and intellectually :) Thanks for answering and have you ever been more attracted to someone over time? :)

    • Yup. ^^