Why do guys do and say things that they dont actually mean?

i hate it when guys ask for my phone, and say they want to go out again, and that i am so special and bla bla bla then, they vanish from the face of the earth... I never asked for you phone, i never asked for anything serious, so why give me that false hope when you know you dont really want to see me again or whatsoever?


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  • I don't know but if I don't like a girl then I won't suggest meeting up again.

    I've had girls do the same thing to me though like suggest a 2nd, 3rd or 4th date but then ignore me and flake afterwards,


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  • I hate it when boys says I love you and then they leave

  • I think men say things because they think women want them to, as if some words will woo us yet miraculously not lead to hope.

    • I'd like to dip in and mention that this is not something exclusive to... guys, girls do the same thing.

    • True, girls do it to. Don't think anything is really exclusive to guys and girls.