My girlfriend of 11 months said that she needed to find herself? that she was depressed and she needed time to herself? what do I do?

i argued about it for a bit but i finally said ok goodluck if you ever need to talk ill be here for you, if you want me again ill be more than happy to take you back, if not then i hope you find a guy that loves you and cares about you as much as i did


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  • Well for one with the given situation you have to respect what she wants which you did, it's great that you're there for her, sometimes people in relationships get too caught up in each other they lose themselves, in which maybe that happened to her. It's great that you wanted to be honest with how you feel etc, but using those words did you hope she'd feel bad? take you back right then? I wouldn't just stand around waiting for her to come back to you, because she might not. Just because she broke it off, doesn't mean you should just wait around, keep busy, your heart will heal, and in the end you will see if she's worth it or not. You can't keep your life on a pause, and also the fact that you told her "i'll be more happy to take you back", she might just see it as an excuse to take even longer, because she knows you're waiting around for her. Good luck!

    • thanks for the opinion, everybody is telling me just give it a week or two and shell come back to you and to not talk to her so shell realize how much she misses me, its just hard to not speak with her


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  • Fuck that. You don't get to just take breaks from a relationship. You're not someone's back up plan. Sack and have some respect for yourself.
    Be done with her.

  • I guess you just have to wait until she gets dicked through by whatever other guy (s) she wants to try out before settling down with you.