Is he serious or just playing with me?

I've been dating this guy for like 4 months, it all started pretty calmed and slowly because I didn't trust him. He used to be something like a player, he went out with girls just to have fun and didn't have girlfriends, he got girl's hopes high and then let it die not ever showing up. Since we met around 8 months ago he has changed, he no longer go out with friends and gets drunk, and when he says he will go somewhere with me he goes. He talks sweetly to me, talks to me every day and a lot, comes to my house around two to three times a week, in Valentine's day he gave me many things in which i guess he spent a lot. But i made a mistake, we have gotten to make out, and sometimes really heavy.
So thats my question, is he playing with me now that I already gave out more than I should? Or is he serious but just waiting for the right time? What should i do?


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  • he is serious... guys dont just change randomly especially if it hasd taken 8 months


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  • Making out heavily after 4 months is hardly giving too much. Don't sweat it.


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  • I think he likes u ! Especially if u were able to change his ways then u must be special to him :) just continue to take it slow tho