Why is it easy for men to find faithful women but hard for women to find faithful men?

Also why is it easier for an unattractive guy to get a beautiful woman but it is difficult for an unattractive woman to get an attractive guy. Even if the woman is attractive she has to have the entire package ( dress nice, speak multiple languages, can cook, clean, take care of kids, have a certain hair color, eye color, height, body type, have good income, etc

Truth hurts ah lol


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  • You sure love to generalize don't you? I would say it is at least equal as far as women that cheat vs men. I would also say it is WAY worse when a woman cheats then if a guy does since women tend to need an emotional connection before having sex. where a guy it can just be a physical transaction, we don't need to have any connection to the person.
    Both are disgusting pigs and despicable human beings. Since other then abuse, it is the worse thing you can do in a relationship...
    The thing about good looking women with guys always baffles me also.
    I mean men are not attractive in any way. But there are levels of unattractiveness. and I have seen drop dead, jaw to the floor, women with just horrid looking guys. I usually assume it is either a big bank account or a really large cock... but the 2nd issue she wouldn't know until later so I tend to think that isn't it.
    But women tend to look at many things about a man since we aren't attractive. so they need to be able to tolerate the guys looks but then women look deeper at personality and all the other things.
    Unfortunately, because men are very visual and we are sexually driven beings, we place much more emphasis on how attractive the woman is. but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I have been head over heals for women that I thought were over the top gorgeous, and had friends think she was ugly... it is just who we are...


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  • I think you can find faithful men; you're just looking for them in the wrong places. For your second question, this is based on what each sex is looking for in a mate. Each sex has their own priorities. Note: this is a trend, not an absolute. There are anomalies. Men value looks for an ideal mate. Hence, women are naturally better looking than men. Women are looking for a man who is able to provide for her. Looks matter but it's a third item after protection and stability. It makes sense biologically because women have a limited number of eggs and thus, a limited number of offspring. She needs a man who will stay and take care of the offspring.

  • It's not easy, in fact it's just as hard. Eventually though you get more and more attuned about what to look out for and you get a better idea if what to avoid. Its a hard lesson to learn and you can often get very unlucky.

  • It's not easier to find faithful women. Each gender cheats as much but as least men get caught when you cheat. Men think they have a real relationship but she'll be cheating behind his back and he won't find out.

    Also it's easier for men to get attractive women because women care more about a person's condfidence, money, social power, and a guy's status. Women will easily give up on looks if he has a large enough bank account

  • The irony of this question made me LOL.

  • Women hold most of the cards in the dating game so I have to call bullshit on your entire premise.

    Also, recent studies show women cheat just as much as men do, so...


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  • a lot of women have differnt priorities than men when choosing a mate and just dating in general. Many women date a guy with intentions of it growing into a long term relatinship while many guys date a woman hoping to bang her.

    also attractivness is relative. what one person may think is attractive, another person may not. You minght not like fat guys however there are women out there who do like a guy that looks like a giant teddy bear. Just a lot of people are afraid to admit that they are attracted to someone who doesn't look like societites standard of beauty/attractiveness. My cousin sure isn't afraid to admit it, lord knows how many Shreks she brought home. One of my friends also likes guys with big stomachs.

    I've always liked guys with giggly stomachs but not big; as long as the stomach doesn't overflow and end up getting tucked into the pants.
    i like a Seth Rogan stomach. My fiance's stomach is like that.

  • not all the woman/man are the same.
    this days woman are unfaithful too , same as guys unfaithful.

    but you just got to keep looking until you find one that is faithful

  • Often big mistake and dumb mistake I don't know why girls have mostly is good girls like bad guys and good guys like bad girls like all mssed up until you actually mature and know what u want or you just didn't see the real person until too late