Can a girl show interest without looking desperate?

what is the line between showing interest and looking desperate for a girl? I'm not desperate, I'm seeing other people, but im interested in this one guy and I don't know how to go about this.


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  • Desperate is when you do not even give the guy some space to have his own life which means that he is not always thinking about you. Desperate is when you are doing everything to get the guy to like you but you still are unsure if he likes you. Desperate is if you and the guy are texting each other and then he doesn't respond right away for some reason so you send him 50 more text with in the next few hours. like this,
    you: "Are you there?"
    you:"you didn't respond to me so i was just wondering if you are okay?",
    you: "well any way, that was my favorite part in that movie, what did you think?"
    you: "hello?"
    you: "I dont know if you saw my other texts but that was my favorite part in the movie, what did you think?"
    you: "well if you are not interested in talking to me you could at least have the decency to tell me"
    you: "hello?"
    you: "that was my favorite part in the movie, what did you think about it?"
    you: "are you ignoring me?"
    you: "JERK!!!"
    You: "so what did you think about the movie?"
    Him: Psycho Bitch!! I told you I was at work!!

    Showing interest means you flirt with the guy and then you give him time to show interest and flirt back. When you do manage to get a conversation with him, focus the conversation on him, get him to talk about himself. Make sure you get him to talk about things that you really want to know. Its okay to throw a few simpleton topics in there such as favorite movies or favorite color but if you really want to know where he stands on relationships or sex or whatever it is you are interested in him for, then get him to talk about that. by him talking about thoes things he is letting you know that he is glad you brought it up and that he is curious to see how you will react to what he has to say about relationships/sex. if he acts like he can't talk about thoes things then he is not curious at all as to what type of relationship/sexship he could possibly have with you.


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  • Lady, I would love to see the replies here. I am bashing my head how to do that from a guys point of view. I've been told I'm either to passive (pussy) or aggressive (intimidating) and let's say my p*rn collection is bigger than the guys who get the right balance:(

  • Despair and interest are totally different things. I don't get the problem you have.


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  • Start by hanging out with him the same amount you would a friend (this applies to texting also) then slowly you guys will hang out more and more