His mom blocked me for sending a racy pic?

So I've been talking to this guy and we had planned to meet up. We were basically going to start going out but we live a little distance from each other so we've been texting a lot. We send pics and some were a little racy (nothing nude but enough to keep the spark). His mom who is incredibly religious was monitoring his pictures and saw them and blocked my number from his phone and now we're pretty much done. We'll both be 18 this year so I don't understand what her problem is. What should I do?


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  • Well I don't think it will make a difference even if he is turning 18. As long as he is living under his mother's roof, he will have to follow her rules. If I was in your situation (and I have been) but it wasn't his mom that caught the pictures and was mad... It was his super religious dad! He didn't block me, all I did was apologize and said "that it won't happen again" So, the best thing to do is talk to his mom on the phone and apologize. Most likely she will ignore you but it is worth a shot. She is just looking out for her son, she wants a young lady who is poised, religious, and appropriate.

    • The problem is we haven't even met yet we were planning to next weekend. And he doesn't even live with his mom. His parents are divorced so he goes back and forth and he just happened to be at his mom's house when this went down

    • oh, then use Kik and then once you two see each other, meet his mom and apologize.


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  • Never do it again and learn from it

  • Overprotective mother huh? That's a huge problem.
    With KiK you don't need the phone number of the other person, so it's a good way to talk with him without her knowing. Just don't use your real name as your username.

    • I'm talking to him about it now. But literally everything is ruined.

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    • About 35 minutes

    • If at least one of you can drive, then it's not that much of a distance, so you could easily meet up.

  • Whatever her problem is, there's nothing you can do about it. Move on to greener, and hopefully less religious pastures.

  • Haha uh if his mom reads his messages I wouldn't get into that, some serious issues there. Nothing wrong with some bra/panty pics.


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  • i dont blame her. wouldn't want my son getting involved in stuff like that before he's 18.
    and for the record, if u think sending racy pictures is gonna keep the 'spark', ur obviously keeping the spark alive in his dick and not his heart. make sure u dont end up objectifying and therefore cheapening urself for a guy.
    u can seduce a man just as easily without taking off your clothes at all. that's how grown women get it done.

  • First off, honey, being ALMOST 18 doesn't make you 18 yet. Second off, if his mother is that religious, don't you think this is something you should've known about his parents & taken it into account? If his phone is paid for by his parents, then technically, they can go through his phone, & whatever they see that they don't like, they have the legal authority to block whoever they want.

    I'd chalk it up as a mistake that could happen to anyone. Just be sure you have a clearer venue if you decide to do something like that again.

  • Try contacting him via kik, Facebook, or some other social site. Was texting the only way of contact you had?