Does a man always have to be the stronger and tougher half of the couple or is that sexist?

Can a woman be the stronger/tougher one in the relationship and have it work?
That's almost always been the case with me. I'm short for a guy and rather skinny. I've never been in a fight or a very confrontational person.
It's also a different world than a few generations ago. Women play sports, lift weights, get into fights and they are sometimes stronger or better at this stuff than some guys (like me) are.
I am able to meet women and go on dates but it seems that it never lasts and I wonder if it's because they prefer a guy who is stronger and better able to protect them.


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  • Sure, why not? Differences make the world go round.

    Though, personally, I would hate to be weaker than my girl. I'm on the short side close to 5'7" but I'm 140, lift weights, and exercise regularly. It didn't come easy but trust me, you don't wanna feel like a bitch bro.


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  • A woman can be stronger in a relationship. Saying a man only can IS sexist.


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  • No, certainly not! It doesn't matter who is stronger/tougher, as long as they are compatible.

  • of course female firefighters can get married and find love any other retarded as shit questions?