How do I know if she likes me?

Hello everyone, I'm quite new to the whole dating thing, and really could use some advice from people who have been there! I really like this girl right? She's so beautiful, creative, and has a great persoballity. My personallity is definitely a shy nice guy so I really want to be sure she likes me before I ask her out. So what are some main signs that she likes me? (what should I be looking for?) And also what can I do to show her that I like her? I just don't have it in me to 'just ask her out' (I've gotten that a lot) because I really want the absolute best for her, and if she had to awkwardly lose one of her friends, that definitely wouldn't be good for her. Thank you so much for any answers! They are very appriciated!!!


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  • I think you should be flirty l, look to her eyes, smile at her and be like playful with her. See what her response is and make conclusions from there. If she does the same thing (she's flirty and stuff) she probably likes you. Also try texting her. If her answers seem that she's interested that's probably because she likes you. U hope this helps

  • Text her! If she really tries to get the conversation going it's because she is interested from personal experience i can say texting is better to find out because in person she may not want to be rude but by text it's a whole different thing.


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