Should I change my personality to be a better dating prospect?

I am 22 and have never had a girlfriend. I have dated but I just can't seem to keep them around for long. I have been told by my friends and the women that I have dated that I am the type you bring home to Mom. But why then don't they ever end up wanting to get into a long term relationship? Should I change my personality/ the way I live my life to get a girlfriend? I have been told by women to never change. Im 6'1 with a runners body and dress well. Should I go bad boy?


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  • No.

    Dude, you're 22 - a lot of people haven't had long term relationships at your age, it's no biggie. You mention women you've dated, so it's not like you're not getting any attention from the ladies - just haven't clicked with anyone enough to sette n for the long haul. You've got plenty of time - just enjoy your twenties and stop worrying so much!


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  • Stay true to who you are.
    There's no rush :)

  • No do not change! changing your self will just put you in an awkward phase since that's not you. and if things get serious between you and your future girl then she didn't really meet and liked YOU she liked the person you're portraying


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  • No, but you probably need to be generating more -attraction-.

    Doesn't sound like the issue is your looks.

    How much do you flirt? How much do you escalate when dating?

    • Well this is a very good point! Im not really a big flirter, meaning I don't actively switch my interaction with women who I like. With the little experience I have had it has been pretty much all from the women escalating things with me. I'm guessing your going to tell me that the only way around this is to just grit my teeth, face my fears and just follow my attraction towards women I like and escalate things when I feel her and I are ready.