Should I friend her on Facebook?

I know this girl, and I really like her. We went to the same high school and now we go to the same college. Every time she sees me she says hi; we talked a couple of times. But the last couple times I saw her, she said high and she kept walking, so I don't know if she was trying to avoid me or if she just was in a hurry. I looked her up on Facebook, but should I friend request her or not? To be honest with you I'm afraid that she doesn't like me, and she was just being nice to me. I'm also afraid of rejection. I'm not an expert on how to know if a girl likes me or not.


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  • Yeah, go ahead and friend request her. It's only creepy when it's someone who you've met like once.. You went to high school together so even if there was no interest on your part it would be a totally normal thing to do

  • If she wanted to avoid you she wouldn't say Hi. Go ahead and friend her, nothing to lose. If she isn't interested, go onto someone new!


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