Should I send a friend request or not?

So, I work with this guy who is absolutely gorgeous but I rarely see him.. Sometimes we talk and when we do, it isn't in a specific way, but I always just want and try to have a laugh with him and we do, but I don't know if we've talked enough for me to be adding him on Facebook or not? Would it be weird and awkward if I added him orwould it be okay? And if I do, do I message him straight away and say hello or do I wait for him to message me if he does?


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  • It's a friend request, not a marriage proposal lol.

    Chillax, and send away.


What Girls Said 1

  • totally not awkward or weird to send him a request. It is just Facebook and so many people add each other without even knowing each other.
    But wait in writing him a message, till he accepts the request and see if he writes you first.