High School Teens: Dating/Hooking up with a girl who used to be FAT?

If you knew a girl from school who was funny, sweet, and pretty (the only thing was that she was overweight). She transferred to a different school for a year, and then came back for the next and she lost all the weight, and had a great body with all the right curves, and her face is even prettier.

Would you go out with her then or would you only be able to think about when she was fat? Would you be distracted by how much others are talking about how much weight she's lost? Why/Why not.

Any info is good :) be honest.


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  • What difference does it make? The past is the past, she's not fat now. Some people like it when you compliment on their weight loss, if she's the loud and proud type, she'd definitely want you to, but if she doesn't want to be reminded of how she was over weight I'd suggest maybe a subtle hint (?). It could be offensive to someone of you're like "Man! You look great now!", she'd be thinking, what, didn't I look okay before?

    If it was me, I wouldn't care at all, after all, she'd be different now. It's not easy to ignore the gossip, especially if you're a girl, but I'd think that if you really like her, you'd be able to move past the fact that people are talking, after all, it's not their opinion that matters.

    Looking back into the past might not be a good thing, and it might be a turn off, but come on, if you look at her now, you definitely don't think fat girl, you think that she's beautiful. So forget about what she was, and focus on who she is now.

    I'm not sure if this was helpful, but, I tried my best.


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  • In my opinion, that is the best girl to be with, if a girl's body is high priority to you as a guy. That's the girl who has had to work for her body, and knows what she wants. It also typically means that she's not just thin, she's toned, and that is way sexier. It also means that she's already tried and true to her commitment to be fit, unlike all the thin girls whose metabolisms just haven't slowed down yet. It also shows that this girl who had a weight problem, and overcame it, has some serious willpower and self-discipline, which is admirable, and will translate to other important areas of her life. ...just a few thoughts off the top..

  • I was that fat guy all through grammar school. I went to college and got in really good shape. I came back to my 5 year reunion and people were throwing themselves at me. I just nicely declined any offers. People are shallow. They should see the good in you. My mother was a bombshell in high school, and now she's a mom... My dad still loves her like the day they married. It's not always about appearance.


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  • If you like her and you think she's attractive than why not ask her out? Who cares if she used to be overweight?

    And I think it would be terrible if a person could only "think about when she was fat". She probably put a lot of effort into getting a nicer figure, people should see her as she is in the present and not focus on the past.

    And does it really matter if people are talking about how much weight she lost? Just ignore them ~

  • she lost the weight so guys would like her! it doesn't matter she looks good go out wit her